Instruction in BIM is not a one-size-fits-all service. Firms should be leery of employee training that merely features software-certified coaching. The most effective training is handled by architects that understand how new software will fit into a firm's workflow. Instruction should be customized to fit a firm's unique needs.

Architecture firms pay twice when they pull employees off projects for training: one cost comes from the instruction; a second cost results from the loss of billable hours. Mobilis understands this double-expense and works with firms to time instruction during the most opportune time in a project cycle. Consultants also minimize training "lectures," so that employee learning happens on "live" projects during project delivery. The goal is always to work with firm management to find BIM training solutions that pay for themselves.

Cookie-cutter lectures do not address one of the most complex problems architecture firms may ever face -- the reorganization of workflow. Mobilis takes a hands-on approach to showing design teams the production and coordination benefits of BIM, instead of merely showing staff where all the buttons are. Effective BIM introductions involve learning how teams currently work, understanding biases towards existing software, training staff on "live" projects, illustrating concepts between workflows, and following up with strategy sessions or individual problem-solving.

Mobilis offers years of experience to help your firm blend CAD and BIM workflows, or fully adopt a BIM project delivery method. Our staff of architects has trained scores of people to use various BIM platforms (AutoDesk Revit, Bentley Architecture, etc.) and can advise on several types of projects (institutional, commercial, residential, etc.) to help your firm grow in an efficient and productive way.