Contractor Training Services

Whether an upcoming contract requires Building Information Modeling services, or a construction firm is interested in leveraging BIM for cost-estimation, scheduling, shop drawing production, and error detection, Mobilis Modeling can help contractors realize significant savings. In either case, mere software-certified training is not enough to create a smooth transition to BIM.

Mobilis consultants are far better suited to help contractors get ahead. As detailed in Architects Services, Mobilis consultants have experience delivering at least three projects with BIM, currently teach BIM at the college level, and all hold an architecture license. This additional expertise means our consultants know why other architects specify BIM, and Mobilis consultants can best help contractors satisfy those specifications because we've written some of them!

Beyond satisfying specifications, BIM training can help contractors harvest data from models that architects would never otherwise supply. For example, designers do not supply a count of doors on a project because quantities on drawings risk change orders. However, if they provide a project model, a few clicks can generate a complete list for suppliers. The same is true for concrete. No architect would comfortably define how many cubic yards of 5000-pound concrete is in a building. But a quick consultation of the model will give cost estimators an exact number.

BIM does not merely add value to one stage of a contractor's delivery process. It adds value to every stage of the project. Let Mobilis Modeling demonstrate how.


General Contracting Model Coordination

More and more contracts are using AIA E-202 to require virtual building with 3D Models and BIM Integration as part of the contractor's services. Mobilis Modeling helps creates the environment for contracting teams to satisfy that specification and helps them profit from it.

At a minimum, Mobilis Modeling can produce LD-400 and LD-500 models in Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD or similar software to clash other team's work. This service will satisfy any minor role in a 4D BIM specification.

In addition, Mobilis Modeling can clash several individual contractors' models to demonstrate BIM completion to owners and architects. This includes generating complete clash detection records for team organization, screen-shots for RFI clarification, and design documentation for change-order requests.